1PCS Floral Fruity Parfum Magic Balm

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Use: Body
NET WT: 15ml
Weight: 30g
Size: Full Size
Model Number: S0011
Formulation: Cream
Benefit: Other
Sunblock: No
Certificate Number: 20170106
Skin Type: All Skin Types
Ingredient: Beeswax, fragrance oils, vitamin C, E
Features: perfumes and fragrances for women

1PCS Floral Fruity fragrance Parfum Magic Balm Solid Perfumes And Fragrances Deodorant For Women Fragrance


Fragrance: floral and fruity

Top notes: citrus reconcile include Sicilian orange essence, the aroma a bit like a fruit tart
The flavor: peony floral aromas include, fruity rose from the roses and peonies original fine
After taste: a French perfume Sipp feel patchouli and white musk smell.

Waves charm ambiance

Mixing scents waft
100% alcohol-free formula
Capacity: 15ml (about equal to 30ml bottle perfume)
Usage: Apply directly on the skin, or open the lid on the car or the closet, the smell makes you charming and fascinating!
Package:1 PCS Solid perfume
Magic balm, also known as solid perfume, it is non-alcoholic, and rich in skin care ingredients: beeswax, fragrance oils, vitamin C, E, can be freely applied to any part of the body, the light fragrance exudes a romantic charm , and can nourish the skin; also be used as nail polish, it is moist but not greasy, yellow for dry nails wonders.
Small perfume crystal clear, very convenient to carry pro, do not worry about spill from leaking, and more importantly, it is more durable than perfume, 15 grams of perfume and 30ML perfume usage time is almost comparable. And because it is compact, it is very easy to use, even in public places can also be picked up incense, but never lost dignified, gestures filling the elegant charm of a woman, is the fashion Daren perfumes package of essential goods!
Application: Use your own - believe that their aspirations can be achieved, as a gift - could make love, affection, friendship is UP!
1. Do not apply the products on the wound, swelling and skin abnormalities site.
2. If have redness, inflammation and abnormal, should stop using them immediately and contact your dermatologist.
3. Sensitive skin, do a bit of testing before use, completely without stimulation, re-use.
4. Place the product less sun drying dark place.
Storage: Keep in a cool ventilated place is recommended to avoid direct sunlight.HTB1o7cBHVXXXXbFXpXXq6xXFXXXU