Fragrances Original Floral Osmanthus

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Item Type: Antiperspirant
Brand Name: QYF
NET WT: 10g
Model Number: 4377
Size: normal
Ingredient: rose extract and peony extract
Production License: GD375645891
Item Type: Antiperspirant


Golden Time Osmanthus Balsam
Flavor: Oriental charm floral flavor
Elegant& Intellectual Lasting fragrance Moisturizing& Skincare
Brand: Shanghai woman
Name: Golden Time Osmanthus Balsam
Efficacy: fresh and elegant osmanthus, moisturize skin, skincare, refuse dry and cracking skin
Core ingredients: rose extract, peony extract
Usage: smear some over artery, neck, chest, ankle; using after cleansing will be better
Net: 10g
Feature: paste
Attention: keep in ventilation and shade, avoid sunshine
Application: all skin
Rose extract Natural aromatic substance, whiten skin, delay skin aging, anti-oxidize
Peony extract can care skin, remove stasis. Moisturize skin
“ Troubles! Awkwardness!”
Bad odor in public bus and metro
Can\'t try high-heeled sandal for feet odor
No hug, for yourself odor
Fear for shaking hands with clients, aren\'t confident yourself
No courage for plating hair, neck without charm
Your don\'t have to worry for these troubles now
Osmanthus balsam
Meet. Golden Time
Love for charming fragrance
Elegant/ Fragrant/ Moisturizing/ Skincare
Rest assured balsam
No oil Effective High-quality Pure& Safe No chemical additive
Flavor display
Flavor: Oriental charm floral balsam
Top notes: Wisteria, Hyacinth, Rose
Middle note: Osmanthus, Convallaria majalis, black gooseberry
Base notes: Sandalwood, Musk
Win in safe and effective efficacy
Shanghai Osmanthus Balsam Other Balsams
1 fine feature, natural& fresh fragrance No oil when using on skin for real balsam
Win in feature
2 lasting fragrance, no side-effect No additive, natural and safe
Win in function
3 natural ingredient, botanical extract Perfect botanical material, 100% high quality
Win in safety
In dating, shopping, party, working, negotiating, pleasure etc. public place using balsam is convenient, and more important is elegant action
Method of use MIXBOOM
Smear balsam on neck, chest, elbow, ankle, behind ears etc.
Behind ears Inner Elbow Neck area Chest area Inner ankle
Warm tips
Using after cleansing will be better
Product display