New fragrance Originals Feminino

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NET WT: 20g
Model Number: WP0140
Size: xx
Ingredient: Safe
Production License: 0000
Item Type: Antiperspirant


Brand Originals Feminino Perfumes and Fragrances for Women Parfum Deodorant Perfumesl Solid Fragrance Women Perfume

Product categories: perfume

Applicable people: ms

Aroma: the aroma mixed

Tone: Charm

use pheromones?

Pheromones are a natural produced in all men and women that give off olfactory scent signals, subconsciously triggering attraction. However, due to our modern lifestyles of daily showering and using deodorants, we wash away and mask most all of our natural pheromones. Also, pheromone production declines rapidly as we age. Therefore, Body Candy fragrances have pheromones added to supplement what has been lost or covered up. Some benefits of this include:

Heightened self-confidence & feelings of well-being

Being perceived as more attractive by the opposite sex

Others feeling drawn to you & making more connections

Rekindling a current relationship by increasing arousa