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Item Type: Antiperspirant
Brand Name: QYF
NET WT: 10g
Model Number: 4379
Size: normal
Ingredient: jasmine extract and peony extract
Production License: GD375645891



Pure& Elegant Jasmine Balsam
Flavor: Sweet floral flavor
Elegant& Intellectual Lasting fragrance Moisturizing& Skincare
Brand: Shanghai woman
Name: Pure& Elegant Jasmine Balsam
Efficacy: fresh and elegant jasmine, moisturize skin, skincare, refuse dry and cracking skin
Core ingredients: jasmine extract, peony extract
Usage: smear some over artery, neck, chest, ankle; using after cleansing will be better
Net: 10g
Feature: paste
Attention: keep in ventilation and shade, avoid sunshine
Application: all skin
Jasmine extract white as jade, fragrant, with high skincare efficacy
Peony extract can care skin, remove stasis, moisturize skin
Who needs it ?
With working relationship troubles
No confidence for shopping
No vitality for staying at home
No courage for partying
Worries for taking pictures closely


Love a kind of femininity, your own balsam, the most beautiful fragrant experience
Jasmine balsam
Love. Pure& Elegant
Love for charming fragrance
Elegant/ Fragrant/ Moisturizing/ Skincare
Rest assured balsam
No oil Effective High-quality Pure& Safe No chemical additive
Flavor display
Flavor: Sweet Floral flavor
Top note: jasmine, peony, black gooseberry
Middle notes: geranium, lilac, nectarine
Base notes: musk, cedar, vanilla
1 balsam and perfume
Smear any where on anytime, no bad effect, more important is elegant action
Spray perfume will influence others, and waste
2 Duration
Balsam with high density, long duration in the air
Influenced by air and easy to volatilize, fragrance fade quickly
3 using frequency
Usually, a box of balsam can be used for 3 months
Spray perfume will waste much, short using frequency
In dating, shopping, party, working, negotiating, pleasure etc. public place using balsam is convenient, and more important is elegant action
Method of use
Small box, portable
Nourish skin without oil, can be used as nail polish
Smear a little behind ears, elegant fragrance fresh and pleasant
Smear over hand artery, with elegant and charming femininity
Warm tips
Smear some over artery, neck, chest, ankle; using after cleansing will be better